Tobacco Treatment Professional Development

QuitWorks-NH offers a series of professional development modules that are free, on-demand, self-paced, and offer Continuing Education Credits. All modules demonstrate evidence-based tobacco treatment strategies designed to accommodate hectic clinical schedules. The program evaluation and credit documentation must be completed to receive the continuing education credits or a certificate of completion.

Our on-demand professional development modules for health care professionals are getting refreshed! They will be available soon with a new interface, new credit offerings, and new module content. Please contact us with questions or to schedule a discussion about a group training or assistance with systems change for your practice.

To learn about how to become a certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist visit: Education and Training. 

The On-Demand Professional Development Modules include:

Ask, Assist, Refer: Engaging Your Patients to Quit Tobacco

Learn how to conduct a brief tobacco intervention using the 2As & R model (Ask, Assist, and Refer) and how to link your patients to QuitNow-NH.

Learn more about this module: Ask, Assist, Refer: Engaging Your Patients to Quit Tobacco

Pharmacotherapy and Tobacco Treatment with Your Patients

Get tips on using the seven US FDA-approved cessation medications, dosing nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) for those trying to quit e-cigarettes, and the special considerations for use during pregnancy and while taking other medications.

Learn more about this module: Pharmacotherapy and Tobacco Treatment with Your Patients

Helping Patients Quit through Motivational Interviewing Strategies

Increase your patients’ confidence and readiness to quit tobacco through Motivational Interviewing.

Healthcare provider engaging in motivational interviewing with a patient

Supporting People who are Pregnant and Postpartum to Quit Tobacco

Hear from a variety of New Hampshire healthcare professionals who work with people who use tobacco before, during, and after their pregnancy.

Learn more about this module: Supporting Pregnant and Postpartum Women to Quit Tobacco

Youth Vaping Basics

The course provides key facts about the types of vaping products (e-cigarettes) currently available and the chemicals they contain, why youth are attracted to vaping, and the impacts of vaping on youth mental and physical health, including brain development. It is intended for school-based youth prevention professionals, including Student Assistant Program Counselors, school nurses, counselors, school resource officers, and other staff who regularly work with youth.

collection of vapes in a variety of brands and flavors

Talk with Your Young Patients about Vaping: Hear What Experts Have to Say

New Hampshire experts share strategies, resources, and straight-forward facts to start conversations with your young patients.

Teen male patient talking to female doctor in doctor's office.
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