TIPS From Former Smokers and Health Care Providers

TIPS from a former smoker: Don't wait for open heart surgery to quit smoking.In its first year, the Tips From Former Smokers campaign motivated 1.6 million smokers to try to quit. As the campaign continues, many of your patients will hear the messages from former smokers about the toll that smoking-related disease can take. These messages may cause some of your smoking patients to think about quitting. They may seek your professional advice on how to get started. For those patients who are ready to quit, you can be the motivation they need to become former smokers themselves. Visit CDC for specialized information for health care professionals, dental professionals and pharmacists:

As a health care provider, you play an important role in getting your smoking patients to quit. You are reinforcing an important message communicated through the Tips From Former people who use tobacco (Tips) campaign to people who use tobacco that: You can quit!

A Tip from a Former Smoker: I talk with my patients about quitting.Encouraging your patients to quit smoking could help them take what can be the most important step to improve their health. CDC has free resources that are easy for you to use when talking with your patients about quitting.

QuitWorks-NH can provide training and technical assistance for practices integrating tobacco treatment using the 2A (Ask and Assist) and R (Refer to QW-NH) so that providers have a resource to refer patients that want to quit.

Visit for more information on how tobacco contributes to and complicates chronic disease.

What to tell your patients about smoking CDC Fact Sheet

Additional resources will be added to this Web site in May as part of a special “Talk With Your Doctor” initiative.