Providing effective tobacco treatment to employees that want to quit is a one-stop-shop with QuitWorks-NH. Purchasers should choose health plans that offer comprehensive cessation benefits that meet Affordable Care Act criteria: Counseling, medications and follow up.

By 2016 all employers with 50 or more full time employees or part-time equivalents will need to offer health plan benefits. Go to: https://www.healthcare.gov/small-businesses/learn-more/how-aca-affects-businesses/ to find out more.

NH RSA 155:64-77 The Indoor Smoking Act prohibits smoking in enclosed places of public access. Tobacco smoke does not respect boundaries; therefore the theory of “effective segregation” is not a negotiating point in creating smoke free policy. Smoke free policies are good for business, Americans for Non-Smokers’ Rights offers comprehensive evidence about this and other issues when creating smoke free business environments.

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