5 Easy Steps to Use QuitWorks-NH

Here are the five easy steps to get started. You will find more information in the At-a-Glance Office Practice Guide for Providers.

Step 1.

Set up a system to identify tobacco use by patients when they arrive at the office practice. Health systems fulfilling Meaningful Use criteria identify tobacco use as: “Current, Former, Never”. Documentation also includes quantity of tobacco/cigarettes per day (cpd) for referencing level of addiction.

Step 2.

Talk with patients about tobacco use during an office visit, a hospital stay or outpatient visit. Give the patient a brochure. Learn how to motivate person who uses tobacco to make a quit attempt and watch a 5-minute demonstration video produced by The Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Step 3.

Complete referral form and fax referral form to QuitWorks-NH’s toll-free line: 1-866-560-9113.

Step 4.

Prescribe pharmacotherapy, if appropriate, for relief of withdrawal symptoms and to aid with quitting tobacco. Give your patients our simplified instructions for patients on how to use the nicotine patch (see Related Resources below).

QuitWorks-NH takes it from there. Within 24 hours after the QuitWorks-NH referral form is received at our Helpline Call Center, a specially trained tobacco Quit Coach sends you notification that your referral has been received and calls your patient. A 7-minute Intake Assessment is required before your patient is offered a screening for nicotine replacement patches (available while supplies last) and up to six coaching sessions. These services are provided at no cost to your patient.

Step 5.

Every referring provider will receive a patient status report within three weeks to relative to services accepted. About seven months later, QuitWorks-NH calls your patient to assess their smoking status and reports to you on patient outcomes.


Tobacco Use Treatment Professional Development

QuitWorks-NH created a series of on-demand professional development modules that are free, on-demand, self-paced, and offer Continuing Education Credits. All modules demonstrate evidence-based tobacco treatment strategies designed to accommodate hectic clinical schedules.

Complete one or more modules today!



Nicotine Patch Instructions(PDF, 344 KB)

Quick Guide(PDF, 115 KB)

Watch the 5-minute demonstration video

More Tools for Providers

Refer Your Patients to a Quit Coach

Submit a Provider Web Referral or E-Referral through the EMR.
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